Personal Academic Learning System Program (PALS)

PALS – Personal Academic Learning System Program (PALS) begins with scholars at 4th grade – 10th grade. In the PALS program scholars learn to work in groups, speak in public, computer research; participate in cultural activities and college tours.

Jr./Sr. Workshop

Jr./Sr. Workshop – Academic Workshops for scholars in the 11th and 12th grade. The program develops confidence and awareness about the various levels of higher education; virtual tours, essay, application, testing and other admission requirements.

Legacy Roundtable

Legacy Roundtable – Legacy Roundtable works to helps all scholars work towards a Calculus goal. Legacy pledges to ensure that each of these scholars is competitively eligible for top colleges and universities throughout California and the nation if they continue habits gained through participation and use college preparation guidance.

Reading Circle

Reading Circle – Our K-3 scholars will participate in themed story time that encourages collaborative thinking through books, social stories and play! These literature circles will help scholars understand text, talk and invite them to bring their own experiences and feelings to reading.

Knowledge Is Power College Tours

Knowledge Is Power College Tours – Our tours are customized to colleges/universities throughout the State of California. Scholars have an opportunity to have an on-campus college experience.

Educational Symposium

Educational Symposium – This is our signature event and occurs the Second Saturday or Sunday. The program is designed for Elementary through adult participants where workshops, keynote speaker and an educational fair are some of the highlights.